Our Solutions

Audit Management Compliance

Comprehensive solution for managing enterprise protocol/standard usage evolving best practices in the field, Improving audit and inspection team performance, enabling safety collaboration, illuminating crihcal risk and safely trends, and capturing and sharing performance metrics

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Project Management Tracker

Customer wrote... "Quanteq designed and delivered Project Tracker dashboard that allowed visibility to correct 40,000+ hours of on-going work and inefficiency, and reduced support and production time from 6 weeks to 0 days."

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BigData Analytics

➤ This white paper was written for dedicated contract personnel who are under-trained on Big-Data Analytics and need to meet their organizations mandates and compliance requirements.

➤ What is the total dollars procured-to-date for your current program? How does your organization compare to others in federal procurement spending? Which regions and vendors were awarded the most procured dollars? What is the spending trend of your federal procurement program?

➤ Big-Data Analytics answer these and other questions by easily accessible guidelines and tools that keep contract personnel in control of their mandates and compliance requirements.

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Our Key Business Practices and IT Services...

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BigData Analytics & Visualization.
Internet Of Everything.
Planning & Requirements Definition.
Workflow & Office Productivity.
Program & Project Management.
Training & Technical Writing.
Business & Technical Design.
Custom Design & Programming.
Quality Assurance Testing.
System Conversion & Integration.
Web Responsive Design Programming.
ERP implementations.
Network Planning & Design.
Infrastructure & Managed Services.
Database Design & Administration.
IT security Review & Assessment.
Help Desk Management.
Disaster Recovery Business Continuity.

We strive to Understand the Business Value and Implications of Emerging Technologies to meet your Needs...

Responsive Design Web Application Portals

BigData Analytics Dashboards

Internet of Things (IoT) Analysis and Design

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

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